[Samba] Disk free space, quotas and GPFS

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Tue Jun 7 11:11:03 MDT 2011

On Tue, Jun 07, 2011 at 04:10:43PM +0100, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> I am migrating the main file servers at work onto a new storage platform
> based on GPFS. I am using RHEL 5.6 with the samba3x packages (aka 3.5.4)
> recompiled to get the vfs_gpfs and tsmsm modules, with a couple of extra
> patches to vfs_gpfs module to bring it 3.5.8 level. It is running with
> ctdb against Windows AD 2008 R2 domain controllers with all the
> idmapping been held in the AD.
> In order to get robust and frankly usable quotas we are making extensive
> use of filesets (think directory quotas and you won't go far wrong).
> Basically every share is in a fileset of it's own including all the
> users home directories. All the filesets have a quota attached to them.
> What I would like is to have the disk size and usage reported by windows
> to be quota limit and usage for the fileset, rather than for the entire
> file system as at over 100TB it is somewhat misleading.
> I thought I would be able to use the dfree command option of smb.conf to
> report the correct information gathered through a script of some
> description. Unfortunately even with a simple shell script that echos a
> couple of numbers is owned by root and has permissions 700 does nothing
> (I still see numbers for the entire file system not the specific share)
> and I can see nothing in the samba logs even at log level 5.

dfree should work fine. I'd persue this avenue.

> Am I doing something wrong or is this bust? I tried making it work with
> a plain CentOS 5.6 with straight samba packages on ext3 with similar
> results.
> Alternatively would it be possible to add some quota support to vfs_gpfs
> to make this work? There are plenty of errors of the form
> [2011/06/07 15:53:15.672182,  3] lib/sysquotas.c:453(sys_get_quota)
>   sys_get_vfs_quota() failed for mntpath[/lifesci] bdev[/dev/lifesci]
> qtype[2] id[9651]: No such device
> I am guessing that standard quota calls don't work on GPFS file systems.

Probably true. If you know how GPFS reports quotas we can
add the code for a later release. We have quota hooks in
the Samba VFS, so we could add this to the gpfs vfs module.


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