[Samba] Disk free space, quotas and GPFS

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Tue Jun 7 09:10:43 MDT 2011

I am migrating the main file servers at work onto a new storage platform
based on GPFS. I am using RHEL 5.6 with the samba3x packages (aka 3.5.4)
recompiled to get the vfs_gpfs and tsmsm modules, with a couple of extra
patches to vfs_gpfs module to bring it 3.5.8 level. It is running with
ctdb against Windows AD 2008 R2 domain controllers with all the
idmapping been held in the AD.

In order to get robust and frankly usable quotas we are making extensive
use of filesets (think directory quotas and you won't go far wrong).
Basically every share is in a fileset of it's own including all the
users home directories. All the filesets have a quota attached to them.

What I would like is to have the disk size and usage reported by windows
to be quota limit and usage for the fileset, rather than for the entire
file system as at over 100TB it is somewhat misleading.

I thought I would be able to use the dfree command option of smb.conf to
report the correct information gathered through a script of some
description. Unfortunately even with a simple shell script that echos a
couple of numbers is owned by root and has permissions 700 does nothing
(I still see numbers for the entire file system not the specific share)
and I can see nothing in the samba logs even at log level 5.

Am I doing something wrong or is this bust? I tried making it work with
a plain CentOS 5.6 with straight samba packages on ext3 with similar

Alternatively would it be possible to add some quota support to vfs_gpfs
to make this work? There are plenty of errors of the form

[2011/06/07 15:53:15.672182,  3] lib/sysquotas.c:453(sys_get_quota)
  sys_get_vfs_quota() failed for mntpath[/lifesci] bdev[/dev/lifesci]
qtype[2] id[9651]: No such device

I am guessing that standard quota calls don't work on GPFS file systems.


Jonathan A. Buzzard                 Email: jonathan (at) buzzard.me.uk
Fife, United Kingdom.

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