[Samba] Error when execute make quicktest

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Jul 12 04:02:53 MDT 2011

i suggest you trie to add the sources from debian sid or experimental 
add the deb-src repo to your system and do the following. 

apt-get build-dep -t(sid or experimental ) samba4 
now you have at least all the build dependecies, i maybe your missing something.
if you want to build it directly apt-get source samba4 -b 

beware, if dependies dont match with the squeeze packages, you also must rebuild these for sid/experimental to squeeze. 
( or install the from sid/experimantal which i dont recommend ) 


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>Verzonden: 2011-07-11 23:11
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>Onderwerp: [Samba] Error when execute make quicktest
>Hi Everyone. Im installing Samba4 and when i make the "make 
>quicktest" y
>recibe the following error: (sorry about my english).
>= Failed tests =
>== samba3.posix_s3.raw.open (s3dc) ==
>command: /home/debian/samba-master/bin/smbtorture
>--configfile=$SMB_CONF_PATH --maximum-runtime=$SELFTEST_MAXTIME
>--target=samba3 --basedir=$SELFTEST_TMPDIR
>--option=torture:sharedelay=100000 --option=torture:progress=no
>--format=subunit --option=torture:quick=yes $LISTOPT //$SERVER_IP/tmp
>/home/debian/samba-master/selftest/filter-subunit $LISTOPT 
>--prefix="samba3.posix_s3.raw.open ."
>expanded command: /home/debian/samba-master/bin/smbtorture
>--maximum-runtime=1200 --target=samba3
>--option=torture:sharedelay=100000 --option=torture:progress=no
>--format=subunit --option=torture:quick=yes $LISTOPT
>// raw.open $LOADLIST 2>&1 |
>/home/debian/samba-master/selftest/filter-subunit $LISTOPT 
>--prefix="samba3.posix_s3.raw.open ."
>ERROR: Testsuite[samba3.posix_s3.raw.open (s3dc)]
>REASON: Exit code was 1
>Anyone know this issue?
>Meny regards,
>Ariel Mannelli
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