[Samba] samba4 and ntfs

Jean-Pierre jean-pierre.andre at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 11 09:43:39 MDT 2011

vasishath kaushal wrote:

> ey there!am using samba4 alpha16 on red hat enterprise linux 6.1. The active
> directory is running without any problems. But i am having a problem related
> to ntfs sharing. I have shared an ntfs drive from my pc via samba. The probem
> is that i am not able to browse my share with any account except for
> administrator account.

You did not tell how your ntfs filesystem is mounted.
With ntfs-3g the filesystem is generally mounted with
ownership and permissions disabled, hence all files
appear as owned by root (or a specific user).

>  plz note that i can browse an ext3 or 4 partition from any user. The problem
> is ONLY with ntfs. I have tried changing permissions from windows itself but
> the changes disappear as soon as i click apply. plz help me...... Thanks !

You can get the same ownership and permissions on ntfs as on
ext3/ext4, even Posix ACLs, by mounting with adequate options.

This will however not set the exact same ACLs as if the
ntfs filesystem would have been mounted on the Windows client.


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