[Samba] samba4 - dnsupdate

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Mon Jan 31 07:12:18 MST 2011

Hi, i kinda learning to setup the samba4

all thing good so far (with the nice help of the wiki's, howto's and logics)

except for the dns update part. some how i can't get the dns update to work
i use bind 9.7.2 in fc14.
pinging the machine gives an error  of not knowing the machine in the dns..

bind9 does not show anny sign of an update, nor logs the the name of the 
machine ?!
(debug level log)

dunno where to look for in the samba logs. but at log level 5 there 
where no problems reported with dns

i did place the tkey-gssapi and tkey-domain options in the bind.conf
and also made the keytab changes in the sysconfig dir.
also made sure the appropriate files where owned by 'named' and where 

dunno, how to look for the problem, coz can't find anny errors in the 



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