[Samba] Multiple domains issue

Ron García-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Sun Jan 23 10:37:28 MST 2011

I encountered a strange problem recently when changing the IP of my 
Samba server.  We are in the process of moving from an ancient NT4 
domain to an AD domain.  We did a full migration of all the users, and 
up until Friday, our AD users were able to access the Samba server 
(which is still on the NT domain) with full permissions, etc.

On Friday for reasons completely unrelated, we had to change the IP of 
the Samba server.  When we brought it up on the new IP, it gave an error 
bringing up the Samba daemons.  I was rushed and didn't pay to much 
attention to the error, but instead took the easy route of removing 
Samba from the NT domain, and re-joining.

That got the Samba daemons up and running and we mostly had no problem, 
except now the AD users aren't allowed to access their home directories.

The AD and NT domains have a mutual trust relationship, and all SSIDs 
for the users on both domains are the same.  As I said, prior to Friday, 
these users were able to access.

I'm not entirely sure how Samba handles multiple domains, etc. and I 
have no idea how to even begin to trouble shoot this problem.  Any 
suggestions would be welcome.


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