[Samba] store profiles on a third server

André Rodier andre.rodier at red2.co.uk
Sun Jan 23 09:58:33 MST 2011

hello all,

I am building a network system using Samba 3.5 on Debian Squeeze and 
Windows 2003 workstations.

I have properly configured my samba PDC, and that's working correctly. I 
am using an external LDAP to store the credentials.

I also wanted to use roaming profiles, and I have properly configured 
this. That's working well for me, using Windows 2003 work stations.

I'll soon have both my PDC and my BDC. The profiles are actually stored 
on the PDC server.

However, I'd like to store the profiles on a third server. I know this 
is possible but I want to know were I can find a proper documentation or 
tutorial to do this.

Here my questions to start

- I probably have to install samba on this third server, neither as PDC 
or BDC, but Do I have to use special parameters ?

- Should I use again NSS and LDAP on this third server for the 
authentication credentials database ?


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