[Samba] Samba hangs the boot on Gentoo.

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 07:17:11 MST 2011

> Today I came across with the problem with booting my Gentoo system.
> Yesterday I installed samba and when I turned on my notebook today it stops
> booting at starting up the samba daemon. It goes until:
>> * samba -> start: smbd ...
> ... and then freezes ... Maybe the problem is somehow related to my Wi-Fi
> connection on notebook and Samba is looking for Internet connection and
> waiting for it to be established? Maybe you can give any advice on how to
> boot to my system without loading samba and uninstalling it?
> Looking forward to hearing from you and any help would be very appreciated,

As a gentoo user who has used samba for 7 years now at home and at
work (samba / ldap department domain) I have never seen this behavior.
Although my samba servers are all wired usually gigabit.


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