[Samba] Samba hangs the boot on Gentoo.

Aleksandr Poteriachin insp1re2991 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 07:30:45 MST 2011


Today I came across with the problem with booting my Gentoo system.
Yesterday I installed samba and when I turned on my notebook today it stops
booting at starting up the samba daemon. It goes until:

> * samba -> start: smbd ...

... and then freezes ... Maybe the problem is somehow related to my Wi-Fi
connection on notebook and Samba is looking for Internet connection and
waiting for it to be established? Maybe you can give any advice on how to
boot to my system without loading samba and uninstalling it?

Looking forward to hearing from you and any help would be very appreciated,

Thank You in advance,


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