[Samba] Permission to access shared folders on XP client

PedroTron porsiunculo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 10:14:51 MST 2011


I have a samba PDC on lenny, using roaming profiles.

All work fine, but i have a question.

Some station need share folders with others station, but i dont know how to
permit access only to some users to that shared folders.

All the permission work fine on the samba shared folders, for group users;
but if i need share from XP, the users cant access to that.

By Example: An user in the Human resources dept need share some local
folders only for the same dept users.  How can i permit that from samba?

I cant create local users to manage the permission, because all use roaming
profiles, so i cant depend of the local users.

Thanks and regards.

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