[Samba] How to minimize authentication traffic

Andreas Grabner andreas at vianova.cc
Tue Jan 18 09:18:01 MST 2011


i have to set up a new server far away from home.
At the central i have a Win 2008 native AD server with a samba AD 
member. Now i have to install a new server at an other location with a 1 
Mbit/s connection. I don't know yet how reliable the connection will be.

The users "faraway" should not need to manual authenticate to 
fileservers in the Central.

What would you recommend? I thought about an new domain with domain 
trusts. Or should i make it just an AD member (what happens if the AD 
Server is not reachable?)

I think an other setup i have done years before (PDC -LDAP -[P|B]DC) 
will not work with AD.

Any suggestions?


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