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William Brown william.e.brown at adelaide.edu.au
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> If I enter the command "smbldap-useradd -a -m -M juser -g "Domain Users" -G "Domain
> Admins" -G "Administrators" -c "Joe User" juser" (beginning and ending parens for
> clarity), I do indeed create the type of user I'm trying to create.  And, that user
> appears in the list of users in PhpLdapAdmin.
> However, if I create the same type of user using the PhpLdapAdmin "Samba3 Account"
> template, the user doesn't have the same attributes as the ones created via smbldap-useradd.

Yes, there are schema extensions in samba's ldap admin tool that extend the posix account. You can convert an existing user iirc with that command, since the posix password hash is irrerversible. Also pay attention you MUST use the smbpasswod tool to change passwords, else the userPassword and smbPassword feilds will de-sync.

> I could probably create a bash script that invokes smbldap-useradd for my users to use
> to create accounts, but they're CLI-phobic, so I really want to get PhpLdapAdmin to do this.
> How can I accomplish this PhpLdapAdmin/smbldap-useradd "integration?  I'm really not a
> programmer, so messing with the PhpLdapAdmin xml files is daunting to me if, in fact,
> this is how it's done.  I've looked through all of the config files associated with the
> PDC set-up, but simply don't see anything in them that would do the trick.

sorry, but edit the templates. Look here


Also, create a user in ldap, and one in smb, then compare the differences. Some of the fields are autogenerated as well iirc, 

You can likely cheat with the <value> tag, to call php, that calls your smb script. Something like <value>system("smbldap-useradd -a -m -M" uid "") might do it (you will need to substitute in values like i did with "uid" )

> If anyone has accomplished this, I would greatly appreciate your help!
> Thanks.
> Dimitri
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