[Samba] help with configuring PAM

Brandon Coale brandoncoale at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 10:10:32 MST 2011


My company has a Windows file server that I attempting to setup a
Samba server as an Active Directory domain member to replace. I have
migrated one of the shares to the Samba server but am having some
problems. I installed Ubuntu Server 10.04.1 LTS on a new server for
the sole purpose of replacing the Windows file server. Our domain
controller is running Windows Server 2003 SP2. I have set up smb.conf,
the client side of Kerberos, Winbind, name service switch, and PAM
according to some documentation I read.

I believe the problems may be due to an improper PAM configuration,
because one of the issues I have is getting prompted to enter my
password more than once when I sudo or sign into the console. Another
issue is if I do a useradd command to add a strictly local linux user,
then run the passwd command to set a password for the local user, I
get prompted to enter a current kerberos password.

Would anyone that has replaced a Windows file server in an Active
Directory environment be willing to share how they did their PAM


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