[Samba] Samba Share Access Delay !

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Wed Jan 12 05:48:09 MST 2011

Supriya Kher wrote:
>     windows machine writes to \\<Linux IPAddress>\output.  It has been
> observed consistently that accessing the shared folder from windows using
> UNC as \\<LinuxIpAddress>\output
>      takes a very long time. Each access takes around 45 to 50 seconds !
> though there are no  network issues.
>> Any directions on how to get around this problem ?  Can it controlled via
>> specific share level/global settings in smb.conf ?

I had something *like* this, but not quite this bad -- it was very 
persistent -- no matter what program I ran, my max xfer speed was 
about 2MB/s (read & write).

Nothing I tried fixed it -- until I rebooted.

Then it went mysteriously away (back to full speed of 119M/125MB 

I looked at the the wireshark traces for the bad-case -- the only odd thing
I saw (which wouldn't explain the whole thing) was that my max window size had
dropped to under 64k (normal is 1M).  

It hasn't repeated. 

It _sorta_,  *looked* like something was inserting itself to look at the packets in and 
out and doing a really bad job of being 'transparent'.  But since it hasn't re-occurred,
I haven't thought much about it.

In my case, it *appeared* to affect all network traffic (I kept checking the sync rate on the line, figuring it had to be syncing at 10Mb and not 1Gb, but wasn't the case).

You might try a 'wireshark' trace?  Try to see who is doing the 'lagging'....

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