[Samba] Samba Share Access Delay !

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Jan 12 01:34:18 MST 2011

Be shure it is no firewall issue!??
Seems you have a problem resolving the ip of the linux.
You can put the ip and name of the linux in the host file of your w2003 and
vice versa in the host file of your linux.
Or you use dns or wins to do so

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>  Hello Samba Users,
> I am using Samba for our project needs to share folders between a Windows
> Server 2003 machine and a
> RedHat Linux machine. I am facing issues with Samba shares (Samba Version
> 3.5.5 for RHEL 4 x86_64).  The scenario is as below –
> The windows machine has a couple of shared folders, one of them being * **
> C:\output* The windows shares are mounted onto corresponding mount points
> in linux
and the same are exposed to the external world via samba running on the
> Linux machine.
> Now, the Windows machine kicks off a few jobs and as a part of those jobs
> it writes to the *output *shared folder. This write request is directed
> via Samba as the
    windows machine writes to \\<Linux IPAddress>\output.  It has been
observed consistently that accessing the shared folder from windows using
UNC as \\<LinuxIpAddress>\output
     takes a very long time. Each access takes around 45 to 50 seconds !
though there are no  network issues.

> Any directions on how to get around this problem ?  Can it controlled via
> specific share level/global settings in smb.conf ?
> - Supriya
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