[Samba] [Resolved] Reestablishing trust with PDC

Devon Crouse devoncrouse at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 12:07:21 MST 2011

Thanks to both of you - exactly the piece I was missing.

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> you haven't tried experimenting with backing up and restoring the 
> samba password cache.  look in /var/*/samba and /var/*/*/samba for 
> files related to the password cache to backup and restore.

If you use LDAP this problem goes away.  If you're using tdb's then moving
the tdb's and using the same Samba revision should do it...IIRC
> On 1/10/2011 10:45, Devon Crouse wrote:
>> I often change configurations in a home server environment, and have 
>> scripts to back up all config files etc. - on a fresh OS install I 
>> can quickly restore function of all the services I'm running.
>> I'm using version 3.4.7 as a PDC on Ubuntu with 4 Windows 7 clients.  
>> I can
>> restore smb.conf which gets the file shares and server configuration 
>> back, but I lose the trust relationship with the clients and I can't 
>> figure out how to get it back (short of completely clearing all the 
>> profiles and dropping/adding to the domain.)  I'm making the 
>> following assumptions:
>>      - There must be some sort of signature for the Samba/OS 
>> installation that changes
>>      - This signature must be recorded in Windows somewhere for it to 
>> validate the relationship (like known_hosts)
>> I've tried the following in just about every order you can imagine:
>>      - Modifying/removing the profile registry entries in Windows
>>      - Removing/restoring the user directory in Windows
>>      - Removing/restoring the profile.v2 directory in Ubuntu
>>      - Experimenting with various local policy settings in Windows
>>      - Re-adding client to the domain
>>      - Using smbpasswd to recreate the users
>> There must be something I can backup/change to retain/reestablish the 
>> trust relationship without having to scrap all the user profiles?  
>> Thanks in advance - all my reading so far has been of little help.
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