[Samba] Solaris users: any way to join a samba domain?

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sorry for the late reply but maybe it still helps.

We've been running two Opensolaris servers as Samba/NFS servers in a Samba3 domain for some time now. I recall it took a lot of time, testing and research but eventually we had to conclude that the kernel CIFS server only supports ADS and not NT4/Samba domains. It does ADS very well but we absolutely couldn't get it into our Samba domain. We also found some mailing list/forum posts that suggested the same. Still I might be wrong of course, so if anyone wants to correct me, you're very welcome to. :)

What we did instead was install the SFWsamba packages that came on the installation medium. This is Solaris Express to be exact, I'm not sure if Opensolaris "proper" ships with SFWsamba. If not, you might be able to find it in the package management that Opensolaris uses.

I could go on about some pitfalls and experiences that we've encountered with this setup but it seems you really want to use the kernel CIFS server. In that case I think you have no other choice but use ADS or configure it as a standalone server.



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Hi there.

I installed OpenSolaris 10 on a test machine, and I'm trying to make
it join my samba domain.

Unfortunately, the only references I can find about joining a domain
on Solaris are related to joining an AD domain.

I just want to join a samba domain (Windows NT/2000 style)

smbadm -u name DOMAIN
always fail with:
failed to find any domain controllers for DOMAIN

I wanted to experiment with the CIFS kernel ...

Thanks in advance
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