[Samba] problem connecting DFS-share with winXP - successful with Vista & 7

David Merhar merhar at arlut.utexas.edu
Fri Jan 7 08:01:00 MST 2011

No problem on connecting directly.

Policy update for ODAA (DSS) compliance.  A whole slew of stuff.   
Didn't cause a problem on clients, but DFS (on XP) dropped when policy  
hit server.  (We've tried rolling back on the client).

It is a 2K3 domain.  We could deviate temporarily with the group  
policy were we to identify the offending setting, but running through  
all the permutations and accompanying resets is not an option.

"Could" also be a windows update issue as the entire network was reset  
over the break - but I am pretty certain it's group policy/security  

We're closing in on 1PB worth of SAN, so DFS verges on essential,  but  
maybe this will provide the users the incentive to upgrade to MS7.


On Jan 5, 2011, at 1:01 PM, Steffen Frömer wrote:

> hej David,
> can you connect shares directly with XP?
> Am 04.01.2011 18:50, schrieb David Merhar:
>> Anyone?
>> I am seeing the same behavior - DFS shares visible in Vista and 7,  
>> but
>> not XP - though I have not spotted the same detail at session setup.
>> No problem with XP until recently when we applied a domain wide group
>> policy update and latest windows updates. Can't go backwards on the  
>> policy.
> What policy update did you do?
>> samba-3.5.4
>> security = ads
> our DFS security is domain and Samba Server has
> security = ads
> But there is noch differnce bitween ads and domain in relation with  
> our problem. We also tried 'security' = ads for DFS master, but same  
> issue.
>> Thanks.
>> djm
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