[Samba] problem connecting DFS-share with winXP - successful with Vista & 7

Steffen Frömer steffen.froemer at gns-systems.de
Wed Jan 5 12:09:50 MST 2011

hej David,

can you connect shares directly with XP?

Am 04.01.2011 18:50, schrieb David Merhar:
> Anyone?
> I am seeing the same behavior - DFS shares visible in Vista and 7, but
> not XP - though I have not spotted the same detail at session setup.
> No problem with XP until recently when we applied a domain wide group
> policy update and latest windows updates. Can't go backwards on the policy.

What policy update did you do?
> samba-3.5.4
> security = ads

our DFS security is domain and Samba Server has
security = ads

But there is noch differnce bitween ads and domain in relation with our 
problem. We also tried 'security' = ads for DFS master, but same issue.

> Thanks.
> djm

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