[Samba] Promote samba-3 BDC to PDC

Matthias Grimm mgr at renzel.it
Wed Jan 5 05:59:45 MST 2011


We have an old domain with a samba-3 PDC and LDAP backend in our HQ and 
two BDC in our branch offices.
Since we don't use the domain in our HQ anymore and one of the branches 
will be moved to our new domain (2003/2008) I'm thinking about 
decomissioning the PDC and promote both BDCs as PDC for their branch 
offices and networks.
I would also get rid of LDAP. Changing the backend to tdbsam and 
converting the data with pdbedit isn't that problem but how to do it all 
without impact? :)



Matthias Grimm


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