[Samba] Samba crashes & floods logfiles: "smbd/notify_inotify.c:244(inotify_handler) - No data on inotify fd?!"

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at tom.lautenbacher.biz
Tue Jan 4 05:56:27 MST 2011

Hello Andrew,

thank you for your time, too!!

>> 3. Did I do anything wrong, or is this a problem with the standard
>> kernel included in openSUSE 11.2? Is there anything I can do about it?
> This problem has been around for several years on RHEL as well - I
> suspect it is a kernel<->samba issue.

How come this affects only some users and not all?

> http://forum.soft32.com/linux/Samba-Samba-logs-fill-disk-inotify-errors-
> smbd-100-CPU-ftopict479508.html
> Every box I build now has that setting turned on.  I occasionally turn
> it off to see if there are still issues, and every time it comes back -
> so it's still an issue AFAIK.

Andrew, Volker Lendecke answered to my problem in this thread, too, but 
with a different solution.
Which one should I prefer by your opinion in terms of the most solid 
server configuration possible?

Thank you for your time!!
Best regards

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