[Samba] Help needed with Windows7 roaming files.

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Mon Feb 21 01:05:15 MST 2011

With outlook working you need to redirect your users pst and you need to set
up a prf-file for each user.
;Automatically generated PRF file from the Microsoft Office Customization
and Installation Wizard

; **************************************************************
; Section 1 - Profile Defaults
; **************************************************************


; **************************************************************
; Section 2 - Services in Profile
; **************************************************************

[Service List]
Service1=Personal Folders
Service2=Outlook Address Book
Service3=Personal Address Book

; Section 3 - List of internet accounts

[Internet Account List]

; Section 4 - Default values for each service.
Name=Mein persönlicher Ordner
<------the psts


NameOfPAB="Persönliches Adress Buch"

But you are running exchange. Why do you need another imap and smtp?

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Hi Guys,

I've had a check again, looks like roaming profile is already running (sorry
about being misleading),  strange though
no local profile is created (this can be found out when i log in as local
admin and go to the User Profile tab in computer
properties),  and outlook still complains about the data file cannot be
accessed and not sending email  (we have two
email accounts in outlook,  the exchange one is fine, only imap/smtp account
is not sending. )  on Windows XP before
the upgrade everything was fine,  just wondering if there's anyone managed
to get outlook working with windows7 roaming profile.

.profile.V2 looks fine on the server.  it was auto-generated by windows7.

Thanks again.

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 12:30 AM, mredd at freemail.hu
<mredd at freemail.hu>wrote:

> Hi Dennis!
> Windows 7 uses the same share for roaming profiles as Windows XP, but
> a different directory. (so, you don't need the profiles.v2 share)
> The profile directories for Win7 ends with ".v2". Try to create a
> directory with the following name: \\server1\user1\.profile.v2.
> Perhaps it helps, If doesn't, then here is my config which worked for
> me:
> smb.conf:
> [global]
> ...
> logon path = \\smbserver\profiles\%U
> ...
> [profiles]
>    path = /opt/samba/profiles
>    writeable = yes
>    browseable = yes
>    read only = no
>    hide unreadable = yes
>    directory mask = 0770
>    force directory mode = 2770
>    create mask = 0660
> In the profiles share I made two directories for the two profiles:
> john
> john.v2
> Best regards,
> mredd
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