[Samba] samba policies? logon scripts?

fdelval at rojatex.com fdelval at rojatex.com
Wed Feb 9 02:24:02 MST 2011

Kind of dificult, dark, and poorly documented task, isnt it?

While i found docens of samba config manuals and examples, i cant find
info about a logon script.
I had to get the poledit.exe from a Service Pack from w2000...

too much complexity for placing a desktop shortcut.

Is this the only way?

Oh, and Takahashi, i had an unanswered question from my last doub. Would
you be kind to answer here even if its not the topic?

I can only "automatically map"
unix admins - nt domain admins
unix users - nt domain users

the other groups i create, must be added manually in each windows client
to each DOMAIN/unix-group, right?

thank you

> 2011/2/9  <fdelval at rojatex.com>:
>> poledit.exe
>> ok, i take notes.
>> I suppose i should download it in every client pc?
> No, poledit is used to create NTconfig.pol file.
>> and what about logon scripts? do i forget about them?
> As Liutauras said:
>   It will modify registry according to your needs.
> basically, settings stored in registry can be managed
> with system policy.
> The backgroup image file name is stored in registry,
> but  shortcuts are not.
> Anyway these knowledge are applied not only to Samba but
> also to NT domain. So you had better search into knowledge
> how to manage NT domain.
> ---
> TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at samba.gr.jp>

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