[Samba] open printer driver files

Matt LaPlante mattl at google.com
Tue Feb 8 18:40:41 MST 2011

When serving printer drivers to Windows 7 hosts, under what circumstances is
it normal for the Windows clients to be locking driver files?  Using
smbstatus, I see clients constantly touching these files, even in cases
where it is highly unlikely that the user is actively installing a printer.
 I expect that the driver files would be downloaded during the initial
printer installation, but it seems that Windows continues to grab at the
drivers even after the fact.  Is this documented behavior?

In the majority of cases the clients seem to release the files quickly, but
in a few problematic edge cases I have clients just repeatedly download the
drivers over and over.  It would be easier to troubleshoot these problem
cases if I understood why so many "healthy" clients are also requesting
drivers frequently.


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