[Samba] CentOs 5.5 Glusterfs 3.1.0 Samba 3.5 MSOffice Files

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 05:34:22 MST 2011

> I did with a simpler share, but it is the same bahaviour.
> Telling me: another user.... open read only.....
> I think Fuse/Glusterfs cannot manage msoffice files written from msword or
> msexcell.

Remember that office files are not normal. When you save in office the
application creates a temporary file then deletes the previous file
then renames the temporary file with the same filename as the the
original. When that happens the windows filesystem automatically
applies the permissions of the recently deleted file to the file that
was just renamed to the same name. *nix filesystems do not have that
strange behavior. I believe on my work network I needed to use a force
create mode to fix this issue with some 3.0.X version of samba and I
have not changed it in years..


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