[Samba] wbinfo ok, but getent nothing

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 09:21:55 MST 2011


On 8 February 2011 00:01, Neil Price <nprice at gibb.co.za> wrote:

> I had the same experience.. for me the problem is only on member servers,
> and only with getent group (getent passwd works)

Problem with 3.4 is that ZFS ACL do not work properly on FreeBSD ; so
I put back 3.5.6

While getent do not work (wbinfo does) ; what I found weird however is
that doing ls -l foo ; will show the group as a digit like 10114 ;
which is to be expected as the gid can't be resolved.
10114 I know is actually "staff"

so then I did:
touch foo2
chown :staff foo2

and to my surprise , no complaint ; it worked ! (e.g. it knew staff
was a group name, even though it's a windows group)
doing ls -l foo
now showed the group name as "staff" ! Suddenly it could resolve group
10114 and had it in its cache

So somehow; while getent doesn't return anything ; winbind is properly
utilised . It seems to be the enumeration only that is broken, so
things like auto-completion do not work.
But everything else seems okay

Other thing in Windows 2008 ; in the security editor; a group is
showed with the "user" icon rather than the group icon.

With 3.4 the group would appear as "Domain Admins (DOMAIN\Domain
Admins)" ; with a group icon in front of it
In 3.5; it shows as "domain admins" , all lower case with a user icon
in the front.

>> So something is broken in 3.5.6
> All the 3.5.x versions in fact...

what a choice we're left with .
no ZFS acl or no groups... :(

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