[Samba] multiple samba accounts

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
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The first home share I think is mapped at domain login!?? Let's say S:!?
Do you use a logon script? So the second ,or the first too, home share could
be mapped from the command prompt
Or script like this: net use R: \\otherserver\otherhome passwordotherserver
Good Luck

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Is it possible on a windows computer to connect to a linux server with two
samba accounts, simultaneous?
My scenario is, I want to create two mapped network drives on a windows
computer to two separate home directories on a linux server, but I want to
require one samba user name and password to connect to "home directory A"
and a second samba user name and password to connect to "home directory B."

As it stands right now, as soon as I connect to the first mapped network
drive with the first samba account, when I go to create the second mapped
network drive the windows computer tries to use the first samba account,
instead of prompting for the second samba account.


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