[Samba] ACL and Replace all Child object permissions

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at monyo.com
Thu Feb 3 09:37:51 MST 2011

2011/2/4 Zorg <zorg at probesys.com>:
> I have an issue with samba+acl and Windows checkbox "Replace all Child
> object permissions"  .
> I have a folder with defaults ACLs :
> /default:user:user1:rwx,
> default:user:user2:rwx
> owned by user1/
> On Windows if I'm checking "Replace all Child object permissions with
> inheritable permissions from this object" on this folder, it losts the
> default ACL default:user:user1:rwx, others ACLs stays right
> (default:user:user2:rwx).
> /default:user:user2:rwx
> owned by user1/
> Is it a normal behavior to delete an user from Default ACL if he is already
> owner of a folder?
> How can i avoid this?

As far as I examined at Samba 3.5.6, an error occured.
At older version of Samba, I have met the similar behavior:
default ACL is vanished when the user granted permissions by the default ACL
is also an owner.

Anyway "map acl inherit" does not fully work:

TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at samba.gr.jp>

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