[Samba] samba 4 and nfs permissions

Bernd Markgraf bernd.markgraf at med.ovgu.de
Wed Dec 28 13:54:43 MST 2011

> I join an openSUSE client to the domain. From the client, steve4 can get 
> a kerberos ticket and wbinfo now shows he also has a real shell, 
> /bin/bash rather than /bin/false
does getent passwd steve2 find the user?

> Still no login is possible. I think that the article in the link above 
> is about using ldap in Samba 4 and authenticating against that rather 
> than using a domain logon. He then goes on to talks about using 
> ldapclient and modifying /etc/pam.conf. On Linux, that's where it starts 
> to get different. So I've had to give up for now.
Yes, I use LDAP and Kerberos for authentication. The Linux clients
(RedHat) use that as well. But there was an option to configure this
with one of the setup tools. Only thing I had to do was extract the
Kerberos keytab from the Samba4 server.

> Geza, do you think that the distros will implement this when Samba 4 is 
> released? Do you think the Samba 4 devs know of the need for it? I ask 
> because I think it is something which has been overlooked.
I'm pretty sure beside the LDAP/Kerberos authentication there were also
options to use AD for user authentication. So that should already be


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