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Tue Dec 27 01:19:48 MST 2011


On 22 December 2011 19:05, steve <steve at steve-ss.com> wrote:
> On 22/12/11 14:04, steve wrote:
>> On 21/12/11 21:15, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2011-12-21 at 18:53 +0100, steve wrote:
>>>> Hi everyone
>>>> This is our first proper test of Samba 4 and we've been up with an
>>>> opensuse server, an ubuntu client, an opensuse client and a win 7
>>>> client. 24 hours without a problem:)
>>>> 1. We have got as far as deciding where roaming profiles should go. In
>>>> 3.6 we had them inside the users home folder. Someone said that was not
>>>> good. Going with the Samba 4 wiki, we put them in
>>>> /usr/local/samba/var/profiles and used the microsoft remote directory
>>>> tool to set everyone's profile to that folder. It worked well and the
>>>> permissions are set correctly too.
>>>> Does it really matter where they are stored?
>>> So long as it is somewhere that (a) has reasonable performance (b) gets
>>> backed up and (c) user's are tempted to mess with them directly [which
>>> is why home directory overlap is bad].
>>>> 2, We used likewise to join the Linux boxes to the domain. The Linux
>>>> Desktop however seems to be stored locally by likewise. It is not
>>>> available as a windows roaming profile. e.g. creating a file on the
>>>> ubuntu desktop makes the file unavailable on either the opensuse or win
>>>> 7 client.
>>> Yes. I have no experience with Likewise, but this is the experience I
>>> would expect. It would only really work if it mapped some folders in
>>> the roaming profile to the equivalent XDG folders - I have no idea how
>>> that would work.
>>>> I think that this has something to do with group policy. Before I
>>>> investigate further could anyone confirm whether it is possible to have
>>>> something like roaming profiles for Linux?
>>> Usually by automounting the home directory. All that stuff is really
>>> part of the home directoy in LINUX [GNOME]. You can do some management
>>> of the desktop via tools like Sabayon.
>> Thanks Adam
>> If I understand this correctly, I authenticate the Linux box via Samba
>> 4. I have /home mounted on the Linux client via NFS. Under openldap this
>> works fine. My problem is with this:
>> Currently, authenticating against openLDAP, I have the users /home
>> folder nfs mounted and so after authentication, all the users settings
>> are read as if the user has logged on locally.
>> If I authenticate Linux via Samba 4 AD, The Linux box has to be joined
>> to the domain likewise is creating the users /home folder locally on the
>> client and so any user settings are not seen when the user logs in on
>> another Linux box. Is likewise the only way of joining the Linux box to
>> the domain?
>> How do I get the same effect with Samba 4 authentication so that the
>> users home folder is read rather than likewise creating a local home
>> folder where settings will not be transferred to the users actual home
>> folder?
>> Really need to take likewise out of the equation here I think.
>> Simply, I authenticate using AD. How do I have the user read from his
>> own home folder after authentication?
>> Thanks for your patience.
>> Steve.
> This is what I want:
> http://www.likewise.com/resources/documentation_library/manuals/open/likewise-open-guide.html#SetHomeDirAndShell
> Is there any way I can implement this with Samba 4?

You seem to be barking up the wrong tree :)

Samba 4 is supposed to be a re-implementation of Active Directory.
The above link is for non-AD, NT-style domains.  I think what you're
looking for is how to "Associate a Cell with an OU or a Domain".

These might be useful:


I've never used Likewise, though.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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