[Samba] PDC & file server on same machine?

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 7 16:03:35 MST 2011

How much of a resource hog is a PDC? My understanding is that authentication 
is done vs a BDC if available. I configured my new file server as the domain 
PDC because I figured it would already have to run samba. I have two other 
machines configured as BDCs to serve as logon servers.

I'm looking for opinions on whether I'm asking for performance problems by 
making my file server the PDC. Actually, this machine is already serving as 
PDC but its not in production yet as a file server. So right now, its just 
the domain PDC. When I log into the domain and "echo %logonserver%", it 
shows that one of the BDCs was the logon server, not the PDC. It doesn't 
look like the PDC has to do anything but handle joining machines to the 

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