[Samba] samba file sharing and 2FA with yubikeys

Casey Cammilleri ccammilleri at 403labs.com
Fri Aug 26 09:58:13 MDT 2011

I am attempting to install samba and use multiple authentication mechanisms.  My goal is to use domain creds via winbind and yubikey otp.  So my initial thought was to use stacked pam modules (yubikey has to use pam module).  However I don't believe samba can be configured to have a working winbind configuration AND utilize pam (at least my testing is failing).  My question is how can I achieve this or what direction should I take?  My latest thought is having two instances of samba running, one with working winbind configuration and the other with winbind disabled, utilizing pam, and hosting my shares with yubikey's pam module and winbind stacked.  If I am to use any pam authentication I'm assuming server signing must be enabled to protect the clear text passwords?


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