[Samba] Samba - OpenLDAP User Mapping

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Fri Aug 26 02:55:00 MDT 2011

Did you getent passwd and getent group.
And all ldap users and groups are shown up?
Did you do at least install an ldap-client and ldapauth on your linux box?
Do you talk to ldap with winbind, ldapsam:editposix?

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I ask your assistence to get kind of sorted in my head...

We do have a openLDAP-Server running. There is also a smbd running at a
different box as file server. I did all the configuration and managed it
to have samba asking the ldap-Server for authentification. I can see in
the logs that this is happening.

I did a
smbpasswd -a user (which is not a local user at the box)
and the DIT-entry for "user" was filled automatically with all the
entries generated like sambaSID, flags sambaNTpassword and so on.
Everything works like expected, shares are there, acls fine, everything

Also, if I do a
smbpasswd -x user
all DIT-entries in openldap for "user" which depend on samba (like those
mentioned above) will be deleted.

But, I do have much more users which need to access the file server via
smb. Do I have to add each user by invoking
smbpasswd -a user
for each? I can not image that there is no other way to get this going.

Thanks for guiding me.

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