[Samba] Migrating from 2.2.8 to AD 2008R2

Riley McIntire riley.mcintire at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 11:26:48 MDT 2011


We have an old samba server, 2.2.8a, running on freebsd 4.9, as a PDC.
There's currently a temporary, standalone mode, win2008r2 with an (mssql)
app that for full utility requires running on a  ADC. I have very little
experience with AD. An older version of mssql and the app were running on a
standalone win2k server, which is still available if needed.

I've found various recommendations and documentation for moving from samba
3.x to win2003 using Active Directory Migration Tool. From what I've read
it' s possible, although user passwords get reset.

Can anyone advise me if version 2.28a can be successfully migrated using
ADMT? I'm thinking the signorseal issue in 2.x might cause problems. I'd
really prefer not to upgrade to a 3.x version, both because there may be
compatibility problems on fbsd 4.9, and resource issues--the samba machine
is currently also a sendmail server and I'd like to avoid doing anything to
it until we have another server in place.

fwiw, the new MS server will run a vmware guest os, as will the new unix
mail server. Not sure yet about using samba for the new file server, or
using MS.

Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences or pointers would be much

Best regards,

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