[Samba] RPC server unavailable

c.hoffmann at bnet.at c.hoffmann at bnet.at
Wed Aug 24 07:11:33 MDT 2011

 Dear list!  

 I am running samba4 on my Ubuntu 11.04 machine with the

 Domain joining works fine. I installed the Admin-Tools on my Win7
64bit machine and was able to add users to the Server. After a
restart of the client I am not able to start dsa.msc again. The error
says: The RPC server is unavailable. I tried to restart the server and
client but the problem still existed.  

 After I remove the client and rejoined it to the domain it once
worked again. After a reboot of the client the same problem occurs
again. The logs do not state any errors.  

 Is this a known bug? I couldn´t find anything in the mailing
list archive,  



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