[Samba] cant see data in share

John Kappeser jk at jkit.de
Wed Aug 24 11:05:19 MDT 2011

Hi all,

i have a little problem. I installed on openSuse 11.4 samba 3.5.7 with 
standard config and only one share:

     path = /tools
     read only = No
     writable = Yes

So, i can connect via my imac osx 10.6 to my home Dir and see the files 
in there. I can connect to the share "tools" too, but all data in there 
i cant see. The same from Windows pc.

Here a snippet from log.smbd:

[2011/08/24 18:44:14.359785,  0] smbd/dir.c:304(dptr_close)
   Invalid key 0 given to dptr_close

What does it mean?

I know samba very good, but with this version (3.5.7) i have a lot of 

Thanx a lot.

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