[Samba] SMB2 weird behavior with samba 3.6 PDC

Mark Reidenbach mark.a.reidenbach at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 05:47:36 MDT 2011

> What I meant to say is that Thunderbird downloads every message every time
>> it is launched when I have "max protocol = smb2" enabled. Without that line
>> it checks the headers and is done. Even if it's not efficient I don't mind
>> it downloading and caching the message once, but having to do so on every
>> launch takes a lot of time and a lot of bandwidth.
> ---
> But SMB2 wouldn't affect the IMAP protocol.   Is your local Thunderbird dir
> stored on a network share?   If that's the case, then it's probably the
> same problem
> that others are experience about UID's not being resolved consistently (if
> at all)...that would cause possible file read/write problems and it might
> think it needs to
> d/l again.

The thunderbird profile is stored on the users home share.  This still seems
like a SMB2 problem rather than a UID/GID problem since samba 3.6 works fine
and thunderbird doesn't try and download every message again as soon as "max
protocol = smb2" is removed from smb.conf.  Wouldn't a UID problem remain
regardless of what the max protocol setting was?

> I don't have a windows server to test against, but surely this isn't
>> acceptable behavior from a windows server. Hopefully one of the samba team
>> members could help debug why all common browsers are unable to download
>> files to a samba share.
> ---
>   I'ts not just browsers.
>   I was saving a large file (maybe that's the key -- a file that takes a
> long time to
> write -- was saving a 2GB image from from photoshop -- couldn't save it AT
> all..
> Had to pull it out of the vfs_recycle to put it in place.
> I think you're right about many more programs being affected than just
browsers.  Notepad and thunderbird both seem to have serious problems and
not just with large files.  I was unable to open a very small html file with
notepad and couldn't save my thunderbird preferences so long as smb2 was

Have you opened a bug regarding any of your issues (specifically not being
able to save files and them showing up in the samba recycle bin)?

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