[Samba] how to upgrade to samba 3.6.0

Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 10:21:39 MDT 2011


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On 12 August 2011 14:38, alex wallis <alexwallis646 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On 12/08/2011 09:00, Michael Wood wrote:
>> On 12 August 2011 08:50, Helmut Hullen<Hullen at t-online.de>  wrote:
>>> Hallo, Christian,
>>> Du meintest am 11.08.11:
>>>>> I am running a version of ubuntu lucid 64 bit, and so will be
>>>>> upgrading with the apt-get program.
>>>> Well, I have no idea what are plans for Ubuntu (you don't tell what
>>>> version you're using....sounds like 8.04) but I don't think there
>>>> will be official upgrades to 3.6 in that version of the distro.
> Hi,
> I am using Ubuntu 11.04, I made a mistake, I used to run a lucid based
> system, but this current distro I am using isn't based off that, but
> previous versions were.
> Does the version of ubuntu I am running make a difference to samba then?

Yes.  Each distribution creates packages of the software that they
ship so that you don't have to go searching around the Internet for
it.  Also they test that the version they ship works with the other
software they package etc.  So in general you should stick with the
pre-packaged versions of Samba (and other software) that comes with
your distribution, unless you know what you are doing.

> the repository I got the 3.5 upgrade from said that it was intended for
> ubuntu 9.04, and when I installed it I was asked quite a few questions I

This does not make sense to me.  Ubuntu 11.04 comes with Samba 3.5 and
it definitely would not have said it was for Ubuntu 9.04.  That sounds
like you went searching around the Internet for a Samba package where
there was one already available in the official Ubuntu repositories.
You really should avoid installing stuff from random repositories
unless you know what you're doing.

> wasn't sure of the answers to. Perhaps the best option would be for me to
> make a totally clean virtual machine and then install samba again from
> scratch, I haven't installed much yet to this machine, so it wouldn't be
> difficult.

That sounds like a good plan.  Then just install Samba from synaptic
(or maybe it's available via the Software Centre or whatever they call
it).  Otherwise just try "apt-get install samba" from the command
line.  That should give you version 3.5 as you can see here:


> regarding the suggestion of compiling samba 3.06 from source, I am familiar
> with compiling linux software, as I have done it before, but if it starts
> asking me really complicated questions then I wouldn't know what to answer.

Compiling from source is great if you need to do it, but in this case,
and in most cases, you don't need to, because the pre-compiled
software is already available in Ubuntu.  If you were running an old
version of Ubuntu, Samba 3.5 would not be available in the official
repositories, but 3.4 should work just as well for what you seem to
need.  It is not necessary to run the latest version of Samba.  As
long as you don't try running really old versions :)

I hope that helps.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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