[Samba] Moving Domains - profiles question

Dermot paikkos at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 11 10:03:27 MDT 2011


I have an existing WinNT domain and, after some labour, a new Samba3x
domain. I created the Samba domain with a different name because the
WinNT domain name wasn't appropriate. I have about 40 users. Their
accounts have been added to the new domain. I'm almost ready to shift
everyone to the new domain but I am a bit concerned about the user's
profiles. These are local profiles. I want this domain move to be
transparent to the users so I need to copy or move the individual
profiles. I've seen this procedure for copying a profile

What I'm concerned about is if I move the profile wholesale into the
new path, keys in the old user.dat might conflict with the new domain.
Does anyone have any experience of this type of migration that can
offer any advice?

Thanks in advance,

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