[Samba] Cannot see linux machines from XP

Al Schapira a.schapira at verizon.net
Sun Aug 7 12:26:25 MDT 2011

On Sat, 2011-08-06 at 11:11 -0500, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> On 8/6/2011 9:15 AM, Al Schapira wrote:
> > Stan,
> Please reply-all as your message didn't go to the list.  There are folks
> far more knowledgeable than me who are watching this thread, waiting to
> hop in after all the grunt work is out of the way.
Okay.  Please see below.

>                 I have not yet solved the problem (below).
>                 1) What would prevent both of the linux machines
>                 (ADS1, ADS2) from being
>                 seen by the windows machine (DRS2) in its network
>                 places even though the
>                 linux machines see all three machines in their
>                 network?
>                 2) Does the (non)visibility of the linux machines
>                 depend upon the type
>                 of 'authentication mode' e.g. "share" vs "user"
>                 configured in samba?
>                 3) Does it depend on specific linux user ids, e.g.
>                 "guest"?
>                 4) Do I want the linux machines to be masters or
>                 clients, or one of
>                 each, or does the windows machine take control?
>                 5) Can you see any errors in the smb.conf below?
>                 First I want to get the linux machines to be seen,
>                 then I'll try to get
>                 their files to be seen.
>                 I would really appreciate suggestions.  Thanks.
>                         -Al 

> > Thank you for your reply.  Searching for computers on DRS2 (XP) for ADS1 or ADS2 'seems' to find them,
> > but clicking on either results in a message that the server does not permit the operation.
> > It does NOT display the shares on either.
> Ok, that's a good sign.
> > ADS1, ADS2 do NOT show up in my network places, or in workgroup computers, or in "entire network'.
> > The 'entire network' does show the workgroup (GAMMA5), but this only contains DRS2 (itself).
> > But, as I said, ADS1 and ADS2 can see AND ACCESS files on all three computers including DRS2.
> Then the problem is apparently with XP.  Or, you don't have Samba
> properly configured to play nicely with XP, or specifically the way you
> want it to (purely guest access).  Disable the XP firewall if it isn't
> already.
> What is the result when you map a Samba share from the Windows command line?

1)  The result of trying to add a share on XP is as follows:"
"Add a network place" --> 
  "Select a service provider"  --> 
     "Choose another network location" --> next 
            "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid.  Please
choose another."
         same message for any other shared files on ADS1 or ADS2 (which
are visible from each other.)

        (trying BROWSE at this point, to add a network place on XP,
        neither ADS2 nor ADS1 appear.  The WORKGROUP (GAMMA5) appears
        under "Microsoft Windows Network",  but only shares on DRS2 (XP,
        itself) appear in the workgroup GAMMA5.

2)  The result of turning off the firewall (Norton 360) is no change to
the above problem. But under Norton 360, the machines ADS1 and ADS2 DO
appear in its network browser with status ON-LINE.  But aside from this,
no other XP utility can see ADS1 or ADS2.  Hence the problem.

Thanks again for your help.  --Al

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