[Samba] 3.5.x on AIX 5.2

Tim Evans tkevans at tkevans.com
Sun Aug 7 07:45:01 MDT 2011

On 08/07/2011 09:35 AM, William E Jojo wrote:
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>> On 07/31/2011 01:48 PM, Tim Evans wrote:
>>> I've been successfully building all the 3.4.x releases on AIX 5.2
>>> with
>>> the configure command line of:
>>> # CC="gcc -g -D LINUX_SOURCE_COMPAT" ./configure
>>> However, 3.5.x fails to build with the same configure args,
>>> reporting:
>>> Linking non-shared library bin/libaddns.a
>>> Linking non-shared library bin/libsmbclient.a
>>> make: Cannot find a rule to create target EXTRA_FLAGS from
> Just to be sure, there are no old libs on the build system?
> Which "make" are you using? If it's IBM's it will not interpret the Makefile as it should. You should really use GNU Make 3.81 at an absolute minimum.
> Also, just a warning that LINUX_SOURCE_COMPAT doesn't always work as one might expected since it turns off certain things that the C99 standard may want defined.

Thanks, Bill; I was hoping to hear from you on this.

I've solved my problem.  Embarrassed to admit I had missed the 
instructions to run autogen.sh first (not sure when this got added), but 
I was running configure first.

Had to upgrade autoconf and m4 first (this is a very old machine--no 
possibility of upgrading AIX from 5.2), but then autogen.sh ran ok. 
Then ran configure, without any arg's, and the package built without errors.


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