[Samba] Cross-compile and directory locations

Martin Herrman martin at herrman.nl
Thu Aug 4 14:03:07 MDT 2011


I have cross-compiled 3.5.10 succesfully. The smbd binary can be executed,
e.g. ./smbd -b works fine. The smbd binary also allows me to override
directory locations, e.g. --libdir=/opt/lib. Unfortunately, other binaries
(like smbpasswd) cannot find their libraries because they are looking in the
wrong directory (/home/martin/result/.../lib), which only exist on the host
on which I compiled the source.

When I use e.g. --with-privatedir=/opt/var/samba/private during ./configure,
the binary is ok, but 'make install' fails. 'make install' wants to create
/opt/var/samba/private on the host, instead of using the prefix as well
(e.g. /home/martin/result/opt/var/samba/private).

Is there any already available solution to this?

Thanks in advance,


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