[Samba] windows 7 logon problem

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 14:40:55 MDT 2011

Check the wiki 


Did you set the following?

            DWORD  DomainCompatibilityMode = 1
            DWORD  DNSNameResolutionRequired = 0

I have noticed then when I reboot a Win 7 machine (or wake up from sleep
mode) it may also complain about no DC for the 1st minute or two.  I am not
sure if this is Win 7 specific, or just that I have a mix of samba 3.0.x and
3.4.x DC'c and the Win 7 PC is trying each till it finds one that works.

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i am able to join my domain with windows 7.  when i reboot i get a "Unkown
has occurred".  when i check my event log i see that there is a netlogon

This computer could not authenticate with <samba server>, a Windows domain 
controller for domain <domain name>, and therefore this computer might deny 
logon requests. This inability to authenticate might be caused by another 
computer on the same network using the same name or the password for this 
computer account is not recognized. If this message appears again, contact
system administrator.

i am able to logon on to the domain from windows xp proffesional so i would 
assume a its a windows 7 problem, but no windows forums are of any use.

my samba version is 3.5.4

i have made the changes to registry:

           DWORD  RequireSignOrSeal = 1
           DWORD  RequireStrongKey = 1
           DWORD  DisablePasswordChange = 1
any ideas how to fix this?
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