[Samba] clustered samba registers all non CTDB addresses at WINS server

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Apr 13 00:07:31 MDT 2011

But the entry for your ctdb cluster manual in your windows2008 wins. I think
ctdb would be better in a dns ads then in a netbios wins

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Hi Erik,

erik bergsma wrote:
> Hi all,
> in the first step to separate my wins/netbios/nmbd and my clustered 
> samba servers i've installed the WINS feature on a windows 2k8r2 
> server, and set the "wins server = ip.adress.of.windows.server"
> the weird thing is: my samba 3.5.8 do not only register the public 
> CTDB ip addresses specified by "cluster addresses =", but also the 
> static maintenance ip's + the internal ip address of each node (direct 
> link between the nodes, not reachable from outside)
> is this behaviour normal? and is this behaviour safe? or am i missing 
> something in my smb.conf?
> i can imagine that if a netbios request comes in for my domain name, 
> and the returned address is something goes wrong....

nmbd and wins in the cluster setup is probably not the best tested

I'd say that you are right and that we should _only_ register the "cluster
addresses" and not the other autodetected ones.
The problem is that in the cluster setup, samba needs to listen on the
wildcard interface and this defaults to registering all of the found
addresses with WINS.

I would consider the behaviour you describe a bug and think we should fix it
to only register "cluster addresses" if it is set.

Cheers - Michael

> Regards,
> Erik

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