[Samba] Clustered Samba: Every 24 hours "There are Currently No Logon Servers Available"

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Mon Apr 11 14:37:34 MDT 2011

For your wins server you can use samba4wins. It is great. For your
linux-box you have to compile it. 

samba4wins can replicate to another
samba4wins. I use it in my samba pdc/bdc setup so both server have their
own wins pus and pull partner. Samba4wins can be installed on the same
server as your ctdb/samba3 

For nmbd to run without problems: 

Look here:
http://ftp.sernet.com/pub/samba4WINS/samba4wins-1.0.8-HOWTO.txt [1]

Usually the following sockets are used to listen on:

tcp tcp

nmbd: udp
udp udp udp

In this case all incoming packets
would go through the* sockets.
If you would start smbd4wins, it
wouldn't be possible to listen on port 137
as nmdd already listens there
with the wildcard ip.

So what you need is to make nmbd not using the
wildcard address,
and we need a seperate unicast address for

This will add the as 2nd address to the eth0
ifconfig eth0:2 netmask 255.255.255 broadcast

To make nmbd not using the wildcard address, you need
so what you need is the following in your smb.conf (for

 netbios name = SERVER1
 # only use the given
 bind interfaces only = yes
 # this is the unicast address

interfaces =
 # this is the broadcast address
 socket address =

 # as we want to use samba4wins as wins server
 # set the
address here
 wins server =

smbd4wins should only act as
wins server and should in this case only handle unicast
requests, as it's
imposible to have 2 unix process listening on the same broadcast
and the same port ( port 127 in this case).
Also it
should use a different netbios name!

 # it's important that
this netbios name is different from 
 # the one that's used for samba3!

netbios name = SERVER1-WINS
 # only use the given interfaces
interfaces only = yes
 # this is the unicast address
 interfaces =
 # samba4wins is only a wins server, 
 # and broadcasts are
handled by samba3
 # so disable listening on the broadcast address

nbtd:disable_broadcast = yes

 # as we want to ourself as wins server
and don't listen on
 # we need to explicit set the wins server
 wins server =

After these changes, the use of
listening sockets should be like this:

tcp tcp

nmbd: udp
udp udp udp

tcp udp

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 16:52:37 +0200, erik bergsma 

Daniel, thanks for your input! so i have to set this option "wins
server = some.external.wins.ip" on both nodes then, correct? (and the next
step is then to make the win server redundant aswell)  
 and do i also have
make sure the nmbd processes will not start anymore (that is configurable
in /etc/conf.d/samba on gentoo) or do these processes take care of the name
registration etc. ? 

 2011/4/8 Daniel Müller 
in your
ctdb-cluster you use the same netbios-name for both nodes!?
As far as I
know wins, nmbd should not be active on both nodes. You should
use an
external wins.

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Logon Servers Available"


i have this very weird and annoying
problem in my clustered setup: every ~24
hours the vista clients cant
login, or even unlock there screens anymore.
The error they receive is
"currently no logon services available"
this is very odd, because i have 2
samba 3.5.8 servers available, running
and configured to handle login

in the mean time the people that are logged in already can use
shares etc,
same for mac users. So my guess its a wins/nmbd/netbios issue;
not being to
resolve my domain name into an ip address

it is a clustered
(CTDB) setup with 2 nodes, based on gentoo, samba 3.5.8,
ldap and
the setup is like this: static maintenance ip of
node0 static ip of node1 floating/ctdb ip of
node1 floating/ctdb ip of node0

node0 has domain master =
no, preferred master = no, wins server =
node1 had domain
master = auto, preferred master = yes, wins support = yes

in the
192.168.100 subnet there are
- some other non samba gentoo machines
- a
windows 2k3 server for printing, no wins support installed,
reports this is the master of another domain (used to have a
gentoo & samba
3.0 master, but that is switched off now)
- a windows 2k8
server used for pxe (is domain master of an AD domain, used
only for the
PXE setup, not using any recources of the other 2 domain, no
wins support
installed, no clients)

in the 192.168.9.* to 192.168.14.* subnets there
are ~60 windows vista/
windows 7 clients all statically configured to use and as WINS server

what i do to resolve this
issue is:
- turn of ctdb & samba on node0
- reboot node0 (because samba
deadlocks, other discussion)
- start ctdb & samba on node0
 - turn of ctdb
& samba on node1
- reboot node1 (because samba deadlocks, other
- start ctdb 
just powering down node0 does not work, even in
you restart nmbd on node1
and the log file says its a master browser and
domain master of all the ip's

i hate doing the reboot thing
again and again, because it screws up the
Glusterfs replication, and is
just dirty.

in the past week i had this setting: node0: domain master =
auto, preferred
master = auto, i then saw sometimes that node1 and node0
arguing over who is
the master of one of the 4 ip, otherwise the loglevel 1
files stay pretty
clean. Ive now blocked all ingoing and outgoing traffic
to and from ports
137,138,139 to the 2 windows machines, just to be safe
(and also i have
become a little desperate :( )

the other thing that is
weird that node0 starts 1 nmbd process, and node1
starts 2 of them... but
this may be by design.

i have a hunch that i have some rogue wins server
somewhere that likes to
tell that he is the domain master of my domain,
does this make sense? can i
debug this?
or does somebody have another
suggestion how to resolve this issue?

thanks in advance!
Erik  --
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