[Samba] Samba with a lot of users (1500-2000) : experience ? hints ? references ?

Denis Cardon denis.cardon at tranquil-it-systems.fr
Fri Sep 24 06:26:34 MDT 2010

Hi Denis,

> I have installed many PC infrastructures with Samba and Windows roaming
> profiles working successfully and fast with installations of around 100
> users.
> But now, a customer of mine is asking if this is possible for around
> 1500 users. Of course I know it is possible, but I would like to know if
> some people here already did such an installation, if it requires more
> than one Samba server, if there are some limitations, and what could be
> (will be) the difficulties
> If you know some web pages about success stories, examples, hints,
> whatever, I would also be interested...

I have no web page to point at, but still I can give you some feedback 
on an install with 1500+ users on 800+ workstations with roaming profile 
running for a few years.

It indeed works fine but you have to be very careful about the iops and 
throughput of your fileserver, and you'll have to enforce strict quota 
on the roaming profile so it does not go over a few hundred megs. You 
may also redirect some of the profile sub-directories to the user home 
dir so it does not clutter the profile. You can also distribute the 
profile directory on more than one server.

If your user do not frequently change of workstation, roaming profiles 
won't create too much transfer though. You may also have to take into 
account the timeframe of the session opening/closing in the morning and 


Denis Cardon

> Thanks a lot in advance for any help !
> Denis

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