[Samba] wide link and unix extensions

GARETTE Emmanuel egarette at edenwall.com
Tue Sep 21 04:26:44 MDT 2010


I'm working on a free french project for school.

To avoid lot of mount point, we use symlink between teacher's home
directory and some student's home directory.

We support windows and gnu/linux client, so we need the option "unix

We have a problem with this architecture and this patch :

We know that we can access to all files in the server from the beginning
of the project. But, if all files has great rights, there is no problem
for us.

>From now, we can't support windows and gnu/linux client (change our
architecture is not possible, unfortunately).

Why can't we use wide link and unix extensions together ?
I misunderstood why you have change this behaviors.

Why not adding a new option with a big warning in conf file to allow
that ? Or why not add a new option with directory name that symlink
can't exit in server side following symlink (like a chroot) ?

How can we have access to student's home directory without add multiple
shares ?


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