[Samba] Samba management using python/django?

Thomas Weholt thomas.weholt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 02:21:57 MDT 2010


I`ve searched the net looking for a way to synchronize users in a
django-based web project ( www.djangoproject.com ) with samba users. I
want all registered django users to have access to a user-specific
password protected share and I want to maintain the users using
django`s built-in user management.

My question is easy; can I add/edit/delete samba users, samba shares, set samba
passwords and start/restart/stop the samba service using some python
library? ( If I can at least do some of these operations from inside
my django web app it would be a great help ). I`m running Ubuntu 10.4.
If I get this working the code will be relased as GPL, in case you
were wondering. It would be cool to create a reusable app for the
django community which made it easy to use samba along side django.

If you`re not the right person for these kinds of questions, could you
point me in the right direction?

Anyway, thanks for your time. Keep up the good work! :-)

Mvh/Best regards,
Thomas Weholt

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