[Samba] getpeername failed.

Olivier PAVILLA olivier.pavilla at univ-orleans.fr
Wed Sep 15 01:02:58 MDT 2010

Hi everyone.
Does anyone can tell me what does mean this message?

getpeername failed. Error was Noeud final de transport n'est pas connecté
[2010/09/13 08:31:00, 0] lib/util_sock.c:get_peer_addr(1224)

my /var/log/smbd.log is full with this such message.

Olivier Pavilla
S.C.I.R.C. Orléans (Bourgogne) - I.U.F.M. Centre-Val de Loire
72 Rue du Faubourg Bourgogne -45044 ORLEANS Cedex 1
Tel : 02-38-49-26-20 , mailto:olivier.pavilla at univ-orleans.fr

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