[Samba] Machine account reject - additional troubleshooting

Walton, Bryan K bryan-walton at uiowa.edu
Sun Sep 12 06:07:35 MDT 2010

> Not a real problem, but what I find more harmful is, that
> i changed the username and password of the domain administrator
> and on all the machines that are have that reject issue - i can
> still use the old one! (what is not really secure).
> If somebody knows more about that windows 7 - samba 3.5.4 - ldap problem
than pleaaassse state something...

Hi Martin,

I'm afraid that I don't any information to offer you.  But I want to add
that our setup is very similar to yours.  Samba DC with an OpenLDAP
backend (except our version of Samba is 3.4.8).  Client machines are a mix
of Windows XP and Windows 7.  And we are seeing the same error messages in
the logs.  Your comment regarding changing the domain admin username and
password is troubling.  I'll have to see if we have the same issue on


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